Responsible Tourism 

Myanmar Polestar believes that being responsible in tourism is at the utmost importance to the future of Myanmar. We must be aware socially, culturally and environmentally. Understanding the effect on the places we visit, taking action to better develop the industry and preserve the culture and heritage of our country!

In 2012 we became a member of the UN Global Compact, to take action and improve our sustainable and socially responsible policies by integrating the ten principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.

In 2013 we were the first tourism company in Myanmar to join The Code (of conduct for the protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism). A commitment to educate the tourism industry and our partners how to recognize and prevent potential abuse to children in travel and tourism. We are recognized as a Top Member.

We are a member of Travelife and in March 2017 we were awarded the Travelife partner. Travelife is a three-stage certification program for tour operators and travel agents: (1) Travelife Engaged; (2) Travelife Partner and (3) Travelife Certified. We are taking the necessary steps for renewal and to gain the 3rd stage Travelife certified. This award recognises our efforts towards social and environmental sustainability in everything we do and those we work with.

Green Team 

We have formed a volunteer group of employees to create our Green Team, to come together to actively encourage all sustainable activities in the office. They identify and implement solutions to help our organization operate in a more environmentally sustainable fashion. .


Tree Plantation 

One of the problems faced in Myanmar is the deforestation that is happening,we aim to combat this by holding tree plantation events. Since 2013 we have held these yearly events and in 2016 holding two events.